1st March…
what the hell?!? do you want to be a paraplegic mate? 






R.I.P beautiful man.
your time was far too short, but our entire year will love you forever.
you taught me to laugh and to love people for simply who they were.
Retro will never be the same.
see you soon.

Will miss you buddy. You always had a smile on your face that was contagious. You’re home now.

You’ll be missed good sir. It was an honor learning more about you/becoming friends with you as a Christian brother in bible study over the last few years. You were always a passionate man who taught me a few things or two about being excited about our God (and retro Figtree). Those lessons will forever be remembered.
Rest in peace buddy - the good times begin now :)

Pete. Our paths crossed only a few times during your too-short time on this earth, but I always knew how much you meant to your mates and that was testament enough to your true quality as a person. Thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.Until we meet in eternity, ‘well done good and faithful servant’. 

Everything is good and nothing hurts anymore. I’m so glad I knew you at all. RIP Pete.

What a great and loving guy who is loved by so many in return.

Continue the party in heaven Pete. You’re such a legend.
this is so punny.